Tennis Committee 2021

Chair: Keith Fowler
Treasurer: Ed Gallagher
Club Main Contact: George Cheyne
Committee: Isobel Campbell,  Shona Ross, Fraser Copeland and Carlos Celis-Morales

Welfare Officer

When you take part in tennis at our club you have the right to have fun and stay safe. If that isn’t happening, or you’re worried about something, contact our welfare officer, Stuart Trotter – 07733261215 or

Covid Officer

Ed Gallagher. Every registered tennis club has to have an officer. You can contact Ed via

Get in Touch


 It is a condition of our registration with LTA  that all members read, understand and adhere to our policies. Get in touch if you have any questions.  Details of our Policies and Club Constitiution can be found here below.

Annual General Meetings

Reports for the upcoming Annual General Meeting together with the minutes from previous AGM(s) can be found below:

Committee Minutes

The Tennis committee meet monthly to discuss the day to day management of the club and agree on any improvements or changes that are required.  Minutes of each meeting can be found below.